Do you believe that a more teacher-oriented or student-oriented approach is better for the classroom?

Should we be focusing on the student’s mental and home health or the teacher’s mental health more in regards to teaching?

If it is too much money to do only one of them, which way would be the better way to go? A really bad teacher and a very well-thought student or a very bad student with a very influential teacher?

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I would always go for the second one if there wasn’t a possibility of having both great. The idea is that bad students can be fixed by good teachers, can’t work the other way around, so to ensure you got it good you invest in the teachers.

Answered on January 30, 2017.
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In a perfect world… great student/great teacher. Obviously that’s not what the question is though.

In my opinion, an influential teacher can make any student into a great student. The best part of an adolescent mind is the ability it has to be molded into anything and the capability adults have to influence behaviors in said minds.

Now, with that said, a good teacher (and any good leader) must always be mindful of the type of person they are dealing with. A lot of the time people who are in positions such as teaching, or management don’t always understand the psychology behind being a leader. Most assume people will just do what they ask because they are in charge, and unfortunately they later find out the hard way that some people will respond positively with that thought process but many will not, and it can be difficult to understand why. People in leadership positions can become discouraged and feel as if they are poor leaders when they may not be, they just need to adjust their tactics from person to person.

As we all know, every person is different and unique in their own way, and as a result of that they need to be taught and talked to in a unique way. What works for the quickest learning, fastest processing student in a class may not work for the student who needs extra time and a more hands-on approach. This becomes frustrating for both teacher and student. However, it is very possible to get both students to understand the same material, and, be able to do it in the same time frame. A good leader will recognize which student (or employee) needs a bit extra explanation and which student can be shown once and go on their way, and a good leader can adapt to those situations.

Overall, I absolutely believe anyone can be taught, (especially with the chance to shape an adolescent mind) and if we put the right leader who has a profound understanding of what it means to be a great leader and understands the importance of creating an enriched student body that will shape the future of mankind, anything can be accomplished. A good student with a below average teacher can easily become a “bad” student.

Answered on December 5, 2016.
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