Do you think you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs possess a set of major characteristics, so if you fit into the majority of them, then you are qualified to be called an entrepreneur.

Some of the key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur include but not limited to;

  • An entrepreneur excels at identifying business opportunities and staying focused on opportunities.
  • He learns from past errors
  • He is action-oriented. He likes getting things done
  • Loves to turn his ideas into reality.
  • He understands what it takes to become successful and often has a high physical stamina to carry him through his life and work.
  • An entrepreneur seeks help from outsiders like creditors, investors and partners to help supplement his expertise; and his enthusiasm attracts people to his ideas

An Entrepreneur dreams big, follows up his dreams with action, determination and perseverance, often sacrificing income in the short term for a long term profit

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