What business should I start?

In this era of knowledge, how to choose a niche where I can invest my money and sweats.

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My best advice for you is to start an unsexy business. First-time entrepreneurs often tend to start something that is sexy: “A social network for pet lovers”; “A photo sharing app”; “An online books store”; “A coffee shop” etc. they motivate themselves by giving examples such as Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and Starbucks. However, these are extremely competitive niches where only 1 in 10,000 or so succeeds. Obviously, once they do, everyone considers them geniuses and their industries as pots of gold. But it really isn’t so.

Speaking of online businesses, I’d rather start an online store that sells flowers/medical supplies/wooden doors etc. rather than one that sells books/clothes/electronics etc. Speaking of physical businesses it’d be way better to start a pet burial service rather than a coffee shop.

Briefly, search for unsaturated niches and develop unsexy businesses.

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