Is there any difference between an entrepreneur and a small business owner?

To the ‘baby’ entrepreneurs, they may interchange an entrepreneur for a small business owner.  Both are not the same.  Yes, they are self-employed, and their motive is to make money.

Let’s check some of the differences;

An entrepreneur will not allow things to stay as they are.  He’s always looking to change things, develop things, create more energy.  While a small business owner is usually happy with how things are, content to carry on

While an entrepreneur invents things and he’s often technically minded, a small business owner on the other hand is more likely to do something others are doing, e.g. opening a shop.

An entrepreneur often looks for the next big thing, ever ready to move on once his business is good enough.  A small business owner is often more sentimental, and sees his business as part of the community and part of the family. Lol

An entrepreneur will do things consistently because of the passion or opportunity rather than focusing mainly on profit making.

An entrepreneur thinks of how he can change the world but a small business owner only thinks of how to make a living, and often gives priority to his local community.

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