What is the best way to monetize a website?

Other than selling a product, or products.. what is the best way to monetize a website, and how would you promote it to gain more traffic? What tools and programs are the best for SEO and advertising your site?

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One word, Back-links. If you tend to get the name out there more on different websites like Facebook then it will bring more traffic.

Answered on January 31, 2017.
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I think to monetize a website, you need to find a place users would enjoy being built into, but a place which wouldn’t affect anyone negatively with monetary benefits. In various videogames, items come naturally, but you can quicken them. People want items, but people don’t outright mind if those items come easily to those who pay, unless it is easily used and abused. Graphic additions have become normal recently, because people don’t see issues within them, but people do see personal benefits in having them. It is where most free to play games and websites have excelled into.


Empire – What do you think would be the best way to do Back-links? I don’t know them well, but I think you could give good advice, if you are open to telling.

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Under my views,  monetize a website is share your knowledge to everyone in a specific niche which you master such as about SEO, you share all useful tips, tricks or anything related SEO. Note that share unique+fresh content that people like to read. Getting more traffic is use a social network and build backlink from other blogs that like your niche you forcus on.

Answered on February 4, 2017.
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